Hop on the Refi Express...and catch the savings.

Millions of Americans have taken advantage of recent interest rates that have hit historic lows. With FFC Mortgage, you can still make the move and make money.

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Refinancing Makes Sense If ...

  • Rates are now significantly lower than on your current mortgage.
  • You wish to use the equity in your home (get cash out).
  • The term of your current mortgage is too long, and you wish to shorten it.
  • A fixed rate mortgage works better for you than an adjustable rate, or vice versa.
  • You want to eliminate Private Mortgage Insurance which is non tax-deductible.

All the FFC Mortgage Home Purchase loan products are also available for refinances. Our Mortgage Consultants can show you the one that best suits your needs.

Check with a Mortgage Consultant to see if refinancing is right for you.